Emergency wash Project in conflict affected areas of Sool Region

Partnership for Development and Social Organisation
Emergency Wash project in Sool Region
Project Report
Implemented by Pafdeso through the Somaliland Ministry Of Water development
                                    Funded by UNICEF
Date: 20th January 2019
Project Manager: Mr. Mukhtar Yasin Ali
Email address: mukhtar@pafdeso.org
Tel Number: +252633819291
Pafdeso office number: 570401
NGO website: www.pafdeso.org

Email info@pafdeso.org



1. Introduction

Partnership for Development and Social Organisation (PAFDESO) executed a successful water distribution and sanitation synergies for residents of 10 IDP camps in dire need of water and sanitation kits all severely affected by the recent clan conflict, climate change, and pressure
on already depleted water resources, which are largely responsible to inflation and high
prices of water in the region.
Our planed project was for 10 IDP camps/villages with 2000 Households but when we got to
the camps the Households were greater than planed and there was two IDP camps Adjacent
to each other MARAALEY IDP CAMP & BALI BIRAALE IDP CAMP for all 11 IDP camps have not
had any water trucking for a period of over a month when we got there the last water
trucking finished mid November and was carried out by ICRC, so when we got there the
situation was in a dire straits,
The water distribution synergies included distribution of 2,000 collapsible jerry cans, 2000
water Bucket soap for 2,000 Family and water purification kits for each family of the 2,000
households. A needs assessment on the conflict-affected communities was carried to
ascertain proper information.
2. Activities as per Terms of Reference
 Identify the villages shortlisted and authenticate the list with UNICEF
 Identify the water pricing in the region and come up with a budget for water tracking
 Short list the items needed for sanitation kits to be supplied to identified villages and IDP camps
 Carry out water trucking for the villages shortlisted and supply sanitation kits


3. Challenges and obstacles encountered
One of the challenges encountered while delivering the project component
deliverables was the distance covered between one village and camp to one another
the villages had wide disparities of needs in terms of water specifically and this
included lack of water storage units in 6 out of 11 IDP camps visited. In some IDP
Camps they had dug out square holes where water was being transferred with a
plastic cover under to prevent water from slippage into the ground.

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